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Beware... the Angst-ening.

'Ello. I'm Artanis.

Not much to say about me, I've got to admit. Let's see here... I'm a bit older than my teeth. I like to write -- though chances are it's quite terrible-- and to roleplay. Most of my experience in such comes from notebook-rp'ing with a friend for the past 4 years or so.
Like Kat, I was corrupted early on. Gundam Wing fit the gayboy angst requirements I began to find addictive, though by now I'm mostly out of such series and prefer kicking down my own characters. ... with absolute love, of course, and at times avid guilt, but so very worth it for my angst fix. No death for my boys, no, but they've wished they were more than a few times... Kyeh. With the satisfaction I get from such, I think I'm in good company, aye?

I've never tried roleplaying outside of a personal world made by a friend and me, but am trying to get the nerves up to trying out ShadowStar - and posting this very post, to tell truth. Yeheh. I'm going to go and try to push the oddly intimidating 'post' button now.
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