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Okay, so that was just an attention-getter. Did it work?

TITLE: Excerpt from "Alpha and Slave", chapter unknown
CHARA: Riddick/OFC
FANDOM: Pitch Black
RATING: Who cares?
DESCRIP: This is just something I came up with the other night before bed. I didn't want to lose it, 'cause I thought it was a good look into the type of vampires I'm trying to describe in this story. The OFC, by the way, is Wraith, a vampire in my Pitch Black AU.

"Do you know why society hates us, Riddick?" she asked. He saw it for what it was – tactical evasion – but decided it could be allowed for a bit.

"Because people think we're monsters." She shook her head in disagreement, making her loose hair ripple across her reddened back.

"That isn't the real reason. That's what people say, to make themselves feel better. You know people are liars."


"The real reason is because society made us killers and sent us into the people without the rein they thought they had," she continued as she rubbed ointment into her arms. "Society made us to be killers, but that's unacceptable by society's civilized rules. We're forced into a role we didn't choose; when don't accept it, we are outcast. We become demons, a plague of the civilization that spawned us." She set the jar of ointment on the bed and began to messily slather it across her shoulders. "We were created in the name of Justice, because it is the only virtue blind to corruption."

"All this to say you didn't rat, kitten?"

"If I had, Riddick, it'd blown both our covers. I'd die and you'd go in for the cash. Or worse, I go back to Mata and become his personal robot – on Council orders."

"What're you talking about?"

"The Council is powerful. Going against the Council is like... denouncing God existence in the middle of New Mecca's Temple during prayer. You don't do it. If you did, you'd lose your rights as a vampire. The Council can do whatever they want to you as punishment." She paused. "They would take away my will and give me wholly to Mata."

"They can do that?"

"The Council, like the Company, can do lots of things, Bright Eyes. And not very many are pretty."

Riddick scooted across the bed, picked up the jar and began to soothe her skin with ointment. Wraith did not object in the least.
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